Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin



Latitude: 42.6827885, Longitude: -89.0187222


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOTY, Alice May  23 Dec 1867Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I19471
2 DOTY, Mary Eva  23 Oct 1846Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I19553
3 HACKSHAW, Jeanne Ruth  11 Mar 1915Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I102052
4 SLAWSON, Clifton Lyle  08 Jun 1924Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51060
5 SLAWSON, Constance Leah  08 Jun 1924Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51064
6 SLAWSON, Elizabeth Jeanette  28 Sep 1917Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51275
7 SLAWSON, Geraldine Carol   I51440
8 SLAWSON, John  19 Feb 1940Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51663
9 SLAWSON, Kent Kingsley  03 Aug 1934Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51758
10 SLAWSON, Mary Colleen   I51920
11 SLAWSON, Mary Ellen   I51933
12 SLAWSON, Roy William  01 Dec 1885Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52181
13 SLAWSON, Samuel Kent  28 Sep 1917Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52229
14 SLAWSON, Sarah Ella  22 May 1863Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52255
15 SLAWSON, Sharon Maria   I52276
16 SLAWSON, Terry Henry  30 Oct 1920Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52327
17 SLAWSON, William Bradley  06 May 1911Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52428
18 SLAWSON, William Elmer  02 Apr 1864Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52432


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Abigail Mary  02 Jan 1916Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I02836
2 BOSTWICK, Phoebe Ann  28 Nov 1859Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I07085
3 DAVISON, William Snow  Dec 1937Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I67790
4 DOTY, Ezra Philo  07 Mar 1869Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I19511
5 JONES, Grace Marie  1909Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I67791
6 SLAWSON, Clifton Lyle  11 Jun 1924Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51060
7 SLAWSON, Elizabeth Jeanette  08 Dec 1918Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51275
8 SLAWSON, Harry Herbert  15 Sep 1972Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51498
9 SLAWSON, Henry  11 Apr 1889Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51518
10 SLAWSON, Homer Don  Nov 1964Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51542
11 SLAWSON, John  23 Feb 1940Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51663
12 SLAWSON, Kent Kingsley  16 May 1997Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I51758
13 SLAWSON, Roy William  02 Nov 1928Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52181
14 SLAWSON, Samuel Kent  15 Dec 1923Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52229
15 SLAWSON, William Bradley  25 Nov 2000Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52428
16 SLAWSON, William Elmer  05 Oct 1930Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin I52432


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLLINS / SLAWSON  20 Feb 1916Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20842
2 CROSS / SLAWSON  Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20786
3 DOTY / AUSTIN  26 May 1847Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F22175
4 DOTY / MARTIN  01 Jan 1856Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F22177
5 FELLOWS / SLAWSON  28 Oct 1880Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20841
6 LONGSDORFF / SLAWSON  20 May 1889Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20808
7 SLAWSON / BLACK  Bef 1836Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20787
8 SLAWSON / DeMerritt  Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20797
9 SLAWSON / DUDLEY  15 May 1854Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20796
10 SLAWSON / MCCOY  25 Apr 1850Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20792
11 SLAWSON / THAYER  1868Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin F20801