Susannah GATES


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Susannah GATES (daughter of Amos GATES and Hannah OLDHAM); died , young.

    Other Events:

    • Baptism: 18 Sep 1720, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Amos GATES was born Abt 1680, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA (son of Simon GATES and Margaret BARSTOW); died Bef Jul 1754.


    Excerpts from "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register": After the birth of their first child they became residents of Brookline, Mass. They returned to Cambridge before 4 Nov. 1729, when he bought one hundred acres of land in Framingham, Mass., of Edward Wilson. He settled on this farm. He was a tithingman in 1735, overseer of the poor in 1741, and selectman in 1740, and probable two years more, later. Amos Gates is described as weaver and yeoman in deeds. His will, dated in Framingham 26 December 1743, was proved 22 July 1754. He mentioned wife Hannah; sons Amos, Oldham and Samuel; daughters Hannah Edmunds of Newton, Margaret Spring of Weston, Abigail Pierson of Andover, Mary Wright of Framingham, and Sarah Gates.

    Amos married Hannah OLDHAM 19 May 1703. Hannah was born 10 Oct 1681; died Bef 24 Jan 1763. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Hannah OLDHAM was born 10 Oct 1681; died Bef 24 Jan 1763.
    1. Oldham GATES was born 03 Sep 1716, Brookline, Massachusetts; died Between 1 May 1797 and 22 Jun 1798, Wilmot, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia.
    2. Abigail GATES was born 25 Jun 1710, Brookline, Massachusetts; died 27 Jul 1746, Andover, Massachusetts.
    3. Hannah GATES was born 28 Oct 1706, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.
    4. 1. Susannah GATES died , young.
    5. Sarah GATES was born 20 Aug 1722, Brookline, Massachusetts; died 30 Jan 1805, Barre, Massachusetts.
    6. Capt Amos GATES was born 28 Sep 1714, Brookline, Massachusetts; died 1800, Marlborough, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire.
    7. Mary GATES was born 20 Jul 1712, Brookline, Massachusetts; died Aft 1805.
    8. Samuel GATES was born 21 Aug 1725, Brookline, Massachusetts; died 19 Feb 1803, Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
    9. George GATES died , young.
    10. Margaret GATES was born 23 Apr 1708, Brookline, Massachusetts; died 15 Oct 1761, Weston, Massachusetts.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Simon GATES was born 1645, Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts (son of Stephen GATES and Ann BEARE); died 26 Aug 1692, Muddy River (Brookline), Norfolk, Mass..

    Other Events:

    • Birth: Hingham, Norfolk, England
    • Fact: Soldier in King Philip's War
    • Baptism: 03 May 1645, Hingham, Norfolk, England

    Simon married Margaret BARSTOW Nov 1670. Margaret was born Between 24 Feb 1648 and 1649; died 13 Apr 1707, Brookline, Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Margaret BARSTOW was born Between 24 Feb 1648 and 1649; died 13 Apr 1707, Brookline, Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Baptism: 24 Feb 1649, Scituate, Massachusetts

    1. Simon GATES was born 01 Sep 1673, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 02 Feb 1675.
    2. Samuel GATES was born 11 Aug 1685, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. 2. Amos GATES was born Abt 1680, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died Bef Jul 1754.
    4. Abigail GATES was born 14 Aug 1671, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 10 Mar 1775.
    5. Margaret GATES was born 13 Aug 1689, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 17 Aug 1734, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
    6. Jonathan GATES was born 22 Jun 1683, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 07 Feb 1756, Testate in Worcester, Massachusetts.
    7. George GATES was born 06 Apr 1678, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 23 May 1679, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.
    8. Simon GATES was born 05 Feb 1675, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 10 Mar 1734, Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Stephen GATES was born Bef 26 Dec 1597, Coney Weston, Suffolk, England (son of Eustace GATES and Rose WRIGHT); died Bef 29 Sep 1662, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; was buried 1662, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachsetts.

    Other Events:

    • Baptism: 26 Dec 1597, Coney Weston, Suffolk, England
    • Birth: 1600, Norwich, England; Norwich, Norfolk, England
    • Immigration: 1638, From Hingham, England to America


    I originally had Thomas Gates as the son of Peter and Mary Josselyn. However, after reading "the English Origins of Stephen Gates, 1638 Immigrant to Massachusetts, by Edward J. Harrison) (NEGH Jan2006, vol. 160) challenged Stephen's descent from Peter Gates and Mary Josselyn. Based on the dates given, it is impossible for Peter (born circa 1583) and Mary to be the grandparents of Stephen who was born circa 1600. The entries in the Hingham parish registers show no evidence that Stephen's father was named Thomas.

    The Gates family is one of the ancient Colonial families of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the progenitor of the branch of the family here considered having been conspicuous in the early settlement of several of the towns in Massachusetts, which state has since been the home of numerous of his descendants, many of whom have been the leading spirits in their several communities, among whom may be mentioned the late Samuel Pearly Gates, of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, who broad charity, benevolence and high efficiency easily made him in many ways the guardian and counsellor of that community.
    Stephen, the first of the name in New England was a native of England, born at Norwich, in the county of Norfolk, the son of Thomas Gates. Stephen came to New England in the ship "Diligent", in 1638. He settled first at Hingham, Massachusetts. He was accompanied by his wife and children. In1652 he located at Cambridge, and later at Lancaster, where he was one of the largest proprietors of the town, and was one of the petitioners for its incorporation in 1654; he was also constable there in 1657. Returning to Cambridge he spent the remainder of his life there where he died in 1662. He was admitted a freeman May 14, 1656, He was in Lancaster in 1656 and for a few years afterward, but disagreed with some of his neighbors and left town, returning to Cambridge. His will was dated June 9, 1662, and proved November 24, 1662.

    Excerpt from "New England Historical and Genealogical Register": He settled in Hingham, Mass., where he received a grant of three acres for a house lot, twelve acres for a "greate Lott,: and a three acre planting lot. His house lot was on Town (now North) Street and was bounded on the north by the street, on the east by William Buckland's land and upon the west by the town swamp. In 1647 he received a grant of half an acre of salt marsh. On 26 June 1648 he sold his house lot, etc., to William Hersey, but remained in town for some time before his removal. Stephen Gates and his wife probably did not become members of the Hingham Church until about 3 May 1646, when their children Simon, Thomas, Isaac and REbecca were baptized. Birth dates of the children are not found in the Hingham town records...... In 1658 there was trouble between the Gates and Whitcomb families due to the fact that three sons of JOhn Whitcomb had killed three swine belonging to Stephen Gates. Whitcomb agreed to pay for the swine, but afterwared sought to be released from paying, claiming that he was "aged & Weak and mean in estate." The court decided that he must pay for the swine. It is stated that Stephen Gates was deprived of his constable's staff. This probably occurred after his failure to nitify the voters about the meeting, to which reference has been made. At the time of the Gates-Whitcomb trouble Stephen Gates was living in Sudbury, Mass..


    by Margaret Mason
    History recorder, Coney Weston/Knettishall


    In June 1638 the ship "Diligent" sailed from Ipswich, Suffolk, England and arrived on August 10th 1638 at Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The majority on board were families from Hingham, Norfolk.

    The passenger list included, STEPHEN GATES OF CONEY WESTON, his wife Anne, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. He also had a four year old son Stephen who does not appear on the passenger list although he was later baptised at Hingham Massachusetts.

    Stephen and Anne settled in Hingham MA, they had four more children who were baptised at Hingham church. Later the family moved to Lancaster MA, and finally Cambridge MA.

    the founders of Hingham, Massachusetts left their original homes seeking a better life, free from discipline of the High Church, many selling their possessions for a fraction of their value. Hingham, Norfolk was forced to petition Parliament for aid, claiming that the departure of it's most wealthy citizens had left the town destitute.

    Hingham, MA, originally called Bare Cove, grew through the efforts and determination of a handful of people to become a major port of entry, as well as a thriving fishing port.


    Two miles north of Coney Weston is the Little Ouse River is the border between Suffolk and Norfolk. There is a bridge across the river and on the Norfolk side is a tiny hamlet called "Gasthorpe". In 1066 its ancient name was "Gates thorpe"(1). In the Iveaugh-Phillips manuscripts dated 1463 there are references to land "be twyx" the 'Gatys' (2). As surnames evolved from a persons trade or place of origin and the fact that STEPHEN GAGTES father's name was in some instances written as GATYS there is a strong possibility that the GATES family originated from Gasthorpe.

    After 1198 and before 1346 these three names occur in Gasthorpe:

    Warine De Gatesthorp (3)
    Sir Adam De Gatesthorp (3)
    Sir John De Gatesthorp (3)

    1300 Massive sandstorm, Gasthorpe & Knettishall deserted

    (1) Thorpe: Old Norse for tiny hamlet
    (2) Held at Suffolk Records office Ipswich.
    (3) An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk volume I Author Francis Blomefield. Year published 1805. pp 250-254

    Stephen married Ann BEARE 05 May 1628, Hingham, Norfolk, England. Ann (daughter of VEARE) was born Abt 1603, Norwich, England; died 19 Feb 1682, Stow, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Ann BEARE was born Abt 1603, Norwich, England (daughter of VEARE); died 19 Feb 1682, Stow, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.


    E-mail from Margaret Mason, dated 7/31/2013 states the following:

    "The surname VEARE is most probably BEARE. I have studied the original and have a copy of the Parish Registers for Hackford/Reepham held at Norwich Records Office which gives the marriage of Stephen GATES Ann BEARE 5th May 1628. It is difficult to read and can see why the B was mistaken for V. The surname BEARE is quite common in that area."

    Because of this e-mail, I will be making the change from VEARE to BEARE, unless further proof proves otherwise.

    1. 4. Simon GATES was born 1645, Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; died 26 Aug 1692, Muddy River (Brookline), Norfolk, Mass..
    2. Isaac GATES died 03 Sep 1651, Hingham, Norfolk, England.
    3. Stephen GATES was born Abt 1634, Norfolk, England; died 09 Jul 1707, Stow, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
    4. Thomas GATES was born Abt 1642, Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; died 10 Aug 1726, Preston City, New London, Connecticut, USA.
    5. Mary Adell GATES was born Abt 1630; died 22 Dec 1711, Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.
    6. Rebecca GATES died Jan 1650, Hingham, Norfolk, England.
    7. Elizabeth GATES was born Abt 1630, Hingham, Norfolk, England; died 03 Aug 1704, Hingham, Norfolk, England.